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Craps Tip
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Craps tip
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Jason Lloyd: Cavaliers cashed in on gamble, now LeBron James is betting on himself
LAS VEGAS: In this city of bright lights, odds makers and craps tables, leave it to the Cavaliers’ daring casino owner to take the biggest gamble of all in pursuing LeBron James. In order to clear enough space under the NBA’s salary cap to offer James a max contract, the Cavs traded Jarrett Jack, Tyler Zeller, Sergey Karasev and a future first-round pick for essentially nothing. Now that James ...

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Craps on The World Cup for 8 Minutes
Here's an eight-minute video of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pooping on soccer and its fans watching the World Cup. Triumph would induce a field day if he fared to the Rialto tomorrow morning.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]

How a good trader's brain REALLY works
Former star trader Raj Mahal breaks down what really goes on in a trader's brain, from being a pint-sized hustler to winning big at the casino.

Nevada gambling revenue up 8 percent in May
State officials say Nevada gambling revenue was up 8 percent in May compared with the same month last year.

What I Learned About Risk-Taking From Playing Blackjack
A few lessons about risk-taking derived from playing the game of blackjack.

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