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Finding out the most information on a craps rule online. Why consumers want to know more about craps rule online. ... As a craps rule, bets can be placed in various fields on the ... on a specific betting spot, or on the whole table, as a craps rule. When a player ...

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Don't Craps, Annoying Dice Setters and Annoying Six-Deck BJ Games
FROM SARIT: Thanks for your help! Still learning the game, and I feel like when I turn to betting "wrong" I do better. What do you think of laying a 4 or 10 when playing the Don't Pass? And should I leave the lay or take it off once a point has been made?

Odd Man Out?
FROM BILL: Hi Frank, I am back again. My question / comment concerns the odds. On page 7 of your book Casino Craps: Shoot to Win, you wrote that a bet lost 14 cents whether there were 2x odds or 100x odds, and the light came on for me.

Now that midterm…
Florida Gov. Rick Scott's staff nearly reached a multi-billion dollar deal with the Seminole Indian tribe that would have allowed it to add roulette and craps at its South Florida casinos, documents obtained by The Associated Press show.

George Conover leads guests in a game of craps. Marylee Danahy gives a gift bag to Kate Langsen as she enters the event. John Allen acts as James Bond.

Bad Blackjack and Bad Craps
QUESTION: I have a neighbor who works for a casino, and I was bending his ear, telling him the blackjack games were getting too tight. They're still paying 3-2 on blackjacks here, but they all hit soft 17, even on a six-deck game, and some are double on 9, 10, 11 only with some other bad rules.

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